About Us


Every Vision has an Idea behind it!

The foundation for this Vision was laid 45 Years ago in Jeddah, the port city of Saudi Arabia, in the form of Arab Traders Establishment (ATE). With prime business in construction materials, supply of cleaning materials and maintenance services to Government Ministries and Private Sector, a business was formed.

Going forward to the second generation of the founder of ATE, a futuristic vision was put forward. It led to the formation of Scientific Era Est. in June, 2014.

Scientific Era Establishment (SEE) has the objective of serving Science and Technology. To partner with industries, universities, government and other institutions, in order to promote efficient and reliable high technology solutions that cater to their various requirements. SEE works with Customers & Clients in support and promotion of knowledge and advancement.


Unique about SEE:

At SEE, we continuously research market and strategize our business accordingly. We have studied the dynamics of Business in Saudi Arabia and have aligned our self with it and in accordance with Vision 2030.

We strongly believe in smart business initiatives and have invested heavily in technology and software that includes well integrated CRM, efficient Sales & Marketing strategy and Service Management to name a few; thus, making us competitive. This also enables us to serve our Customers & Clients in an efficient and professional way.

Customers expect from us excellent products & services, that is exactly what we deliver!

Our experienced staff ensures high quality, cost-effective and user-friendly products are delivered to our Customers, so they spend more time on productivity and getting results and less on downtime and maintenance.

We regularly work with our dedicated Principals/Suppliers to ensure that products we market, procure and deliver comply with End User requirements and beyond. We greatly value the trust our Principals have placed on us and timely provide them forecast, market analysis reports and customer feedback.