Technical Training & Education Equipment


Scientific Era offers full range of teaching and training equipment in various fields of Industrial & Process Engineering

Chemical Engineering Technology

| Batch Evaporation – Crystallization | Continuous Distillation | Flash Distillation
|Manual Absorption Pilot Plant | Laboratory Reactor | Fluidized Bed Pilot


Civil Engineering Technology

| Hydraulic Benches | Basic Fluid Dynamics & Flow Measurement | Fluid Friction Plant
| Particle Drag Coefficient | Wave Monitor Cavitation Demonstration Unit


Electrical Engineering Technology

| Electrical Machine System | AC Induction Motor Winding Trainer | Refrigeration Model Training System
| Refrigeration Cycle and heat pump system | PLC Trainer | Pneumatic Training System


Electronics Engineer Technology

| Mechatronics Training System | Solar Cell Trainer | Wind Energy Trainer
| Sweep Function Generator | Circuit Prototyping / Breadboard / Accessories | AutoTronic Training System


Mechanical Engineering Technology

| Pumping Plant | Surface Treatment Plant | Heat Transfer Apparatus
| Photovoltaic Panel | Gas-Liquid Matter Trasnfer | Solid Mechanics Equipments

All training and demonstration equipment come with detailed training guide, course manual and operation procedure.